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Sea Shepherd Expose’ another tale of the sea

Sea Shepherd Expose’ another tale of the sea

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For years been posting videos extolling the ills of Sea Shepherd for basically being oriented to getting people to part with their money rather than saving whales or dolphins.  To help with this message recently former members or members of Sea Shepherd have reached out to expose the sordid details of this cult-like group providing an expose’ much needed.

There are more leaks within the Sea Shepherd than just those in their rusting hulks. Sources from within the Sea Shepherd world, including those that have worked directly with the fugitive Paul Watson, are starting to speak their concerns about abuses within the group including how donors' money is being taken for one purpose and used for another.

A Sea Shepherd insider recently provided the information in this video. 

When his Excellency pope Paul the Watson use to sail their rust bucket garbage scow the Steve Irwin  Due to his Excellency enjoyed the companionship of his girlfriends while on those long voyages.
other members of the cult group dubbed it the Love Boat.

On one voyage while in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet, Watson’s vessel lost a whole day.  His girlfriend fancied herself as a music artist and wanted to create a music video on one of the icebergs.   This caused the Steve Irwin to put in aside an iceberg while his sweetie performed musically in front of a video crew.  Is that what the suckers around the world donate to Sea Shepherd for?  How many whales were captured while Paul spent a whole day on an iceberg looking all googly eyes at the performance of his darling?

A torrid affair within the cult group with his Excellency being accused of winning the hearts of three girls while they were dating other members of the group and or supporters (all at different times, not the same time).  Seems like according to this report there is no loyalty in affairs of the heart when it comes to his Excellency.

The trimaran MY Ady Gil (formerly Earthrace) collided with the Japanese vessel the Shonan Maru 2 on January 6, 2010.  The vessel did not belong to Sea Shepherd; it was charted to them by Mr. Ady Gil.  It is curious to note here an insider stated Sea Shepherd is suing the Japanese whalers for 3 million dollars for a vessel they did not own.  Huh?     

When the MY Ady Gil collided with the Japanese vessel causing damage to the hull, according to Peter Bethune (former member of Sea Shepherd and skipper of the MY Ady Gil) the damaged vessel was released from being towed.  According to experts the vessel could have been repaired.  However his Excellency did not want to keep towing the damaged vessel causing the Steve Irwin to slow down in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet.   

Because the MY Ady Gil was purposely abandoned Mr. Gil filed a 5 million dollar lawsuit against Sea Shepherd.  The 5 million dollar figure was inflated by his Excellency claiming the law suit was 50 million dollars.  Not correct another cult group hallucination. 

The lawsuit filed by Mr. Gil asked for 5 million dollars; however it has the potential of reaching 45 million dollars, not the 50 million claimed by the cult group.  It is reported Mr. Gil offered to settle out of court for one million dollars allowing Sea Shepherd (the floating circus) to pay it out over a number of years.  The payments were to go directly to Mr. Gil who in turn said he would not keep the money but turn it over to other animal rights groups.

Sea Shepherd said no and the lawsuit continues.  Of course Sea Shepherd declined to pay one million and instead is determined to take their chances in paying anywhere from 5 million to 45 million dollars.  Because that money will come from suckers around the world.  

Note:  Photographs and video of the MY Ady Gil courtesy of the Institute for Cetacean Research - ICR.
The “really” part of the video was created on the grounds of the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Japan.

Credits:  thank you to all who donate and support Sea Shepherd.  This extraction of money provides a wealth of material for these videos.  Thank you also to Sea Shepherd’s former / current members and or former / current insiders for providing the sordid details of this group.   

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