Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians, the Huffington Post and fear of opposing views

 Sea  Shepherd Cove Guardians, the 
Huffington Post and fear of opposing views
Cove Guardian Melissa wrote for the Huffington Post about Taiji, Japan.  A few days ago I left a comment, and it was removed.  Today I left another comment and see how long it takes to be deleted.  These people cannot handle opposition or questions to their behavior.  Here is the link:

 The above comment reads:

"On Melissa’s Facebook page she list herself as an animal communicator both living and dead.  Question is how come Melissa the self-proclaimed animal communicator does not communicate with the dolphins to swim away from Taiji?  Once the dolphins are captured and held behind the nets, how come the animal communicator does not communicate with the dolphins to jump over the nets?
Could it be the dolphins are more valuable to Sea Shepherd when they are captured?"      


My Opinion said...

You are a BULLY Tony Marano! Name calling and antagonising people are not ways to get your opinion taken seriously. I was alerted to this controversial issue recently and decided to research the facts and differing opinions from both sides. The most prominent voices were that of yourself Tony Marano and Tony Marano affiliated sites in support of the Taiji Drive Hunts and that of The Cove Guardians who are against this practice. The Cove Guardians use their voice to campaign against something they are passionate about, however you use your voice in support of this for the $$ and self serving purposes. I think your opinion would hold more credibility if you were not making money from belittling and bullying those that oppose your opinions but offering facts in an informative respectful way. I am sure there are many ways you justify your behaviour, however you and I both know that you use childish bullying antics. An old saying 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words' has been replaced in the modern era by 'Money Talks'.

Harp Seal said...

Cove Guardians accepting comments made by "Compassion" supporters wishing death, disasters, nuclear strikes and hatred towards Japan in any shape and form makes them nothing more then a HATE GROUP.

Anonymous said...

"My opinion" selectively ignores the fact that Sea Shepherd themselves employ bullying tactics against the Japanese...have a look at some of the videos posted on Youtube of the way they treat people. I would add that SSCS also gain donations from people around the world who endorse their bully tactics. The number of hate/racist comments that their page attracts are a testament to this also.
It's high time people woke up to the reality here.

My Opinion said...

I did not selectively ignore the facts. You have totally missed my point. I do not support one side or the other, I am merely after the facts and what people are basing their opinions on. Both sides have faults, but by deflecting with the attitude 'They Do It' is no excuse for bad behaviour. I was after intelligent information on this subject from individuals who would let me see it through their eyes. I choose not to base my opinion on what one eyed over zealous supporters say, but rather on factual information. This is 'My Opinion' and I am entitled to it, as you are to yours.

Anonymous said...

Well said My Opinion. Tony makes money by hanging out with radical right wing nutters. True bullies in every sense of the word. he also goes around cutting and pasting his own trolls crazy comments about tsunamis and so forth. Then he can post on his blogs about how terrible it all is. He is campaigning against Melissa who was nice enough to actually give him a hug in Taiji. Now he is going around backs tabbling her. Its a disgrace. Its a shame he makes so much money off his hate videos and chinese mugs which he sells 9 did I mention that he hates chinies "commies"?).

Anonymous said...

Of course you're entitled you your opinion! No-one is denying you that...I'm just suggesting you open the other eye.

My Opinion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Opinion said...

Anon what am I opening the other eye to? I am asking the question? Why do you support the Taiji Drive Hunts? I would like to have some understanding of both sides on this controversial issue. The campaigners against these practices see it as inhumane and unethical. Supporters of this practice see it ?????? I understand that Japan has the freedom to govern its own country, but why are you personally so supportive of this practice? Why is Tony Marano supporting this practice? This was the point of my comment. I searched the web on this issue and Tony seemed to have the biggest voice in support of Taiji & the Drive Hunts. Why? I am aware of the Tradition/Culture response, but numerous cultures throughout today's society, have adapted or abolished controversial inhumane practices to evolve with the ever changing modern world around us. If this is the reason behind your support on this issue, why is this tradition so unique that there can be no compromise? It is 'My Opinion' that all supporters for and against this issue should 'Open the other Eye' Compassion & Respect from both sides is the only way to find a resolution. Bullying & Name Calling will only cause conflict with no hope of a resolution. Is Tony Marano fighting for a cause? Or is it all about the $$$?

Anonymous said...

Dear "My Opinion"
Please show me where exactly in my posting I made ANY reference to the fact that I supported the drive hunt.
My point is that you made a comment about Tony Marano being a bully. I called you intop question saying you selectively ignored the fact that SSCS are also using bullying tactics.
How exactly do you glean from this that I am supportive of the Taiji drive hunt?????????

My Opinion said...

Seriously Anon?.... YOU replied to my comment which made direct reference to the Taiji Drive Hunts by suggesting 'I open the other eye'? I am only after the facts and opinions on this topic and not 'he does' 'she does' deflection tactics. If you do not have an opinion on this topic, Why did you respond to my comment? My comment was directed to Tony Marano with regards to his bullying, childish behaviour and questioning his motives for supporting this controversial issue? By your reasoning, Tony's bullying, name calling & antagonising people is acceptable behaviour because....They do it?? Justifying his behaviour on this or any other topic, by deflecting onto another person, group or organisation has no relevance to my comment. Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right' Discussing this any further with you is pointless as you will continue to 'selectively' read my comments. So unless you are Tony Marano, have an opinion with reason on why you do/do not support this issue, or can enlighten me with why Tony Marano's behaviour is acceptable.. I don't think we have a lot to discuss. Remember, before you 'selectively' read my comment.. I am NOT and never was talking about the SSCS's supporters behaviour here, that is a separate issue... 'We are all responsible for our own actions' I have opened my 'other eye' and am aware that many individual supporters on both sides have questionable behaviour and motives. These are questions that they alone are answerable for.

Anonymous said...

Dear "My Opinion"
"many individual supporters on both sides have questionable behaviour and motives" THANK YOU!!
It's clearly a waste of time trying to get through to you any further than that.

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