Thursday, January 24, 2013

China hates Hillary Clinton AGAIN

China hates Hillary Clinton AGAIN

United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madame Secretary, has recently caught the ire of the commies in China. 

Madame Secretary Hillary Rotten Clinton recently said the Senkaku Islands, currently disputed between China and Japan, are administered by Japan.   Hillary also stated that the defense of those islands are cover under the security treaty between Japan and the USA.  

The commies in China were upset because they thought they purchased the Clinton when they illegally donated money to both their presidential campaigns.  However President Barak Obama who believes in the USA support allies in Asia paid off a ten million dollar campaign debt owed by Hillary.  So she went to the higher bidder, Obama, not the commies.  

In 1969 the Communist government of China produced a map showing the Senkaku Islands as belonging to Japan.  The islands only became disputed when it was thought the waters off the islands contain huge deposits of oil and gas.  That is when the commies claimed the islands belonging to China.  Seems like recently anywhere in the waters off Asia where oil or gas or discovered or thought to be, those waters and associated islands become part of China.  If oil or gas is ever discovered in Manila, then Manila in the Philippines will become part of China, according to the belligerent commies in China.   
The Senkaku Islands were administered by the USA during the occupation of Japan (Occupied Japan) after World War Two.  China never objected to the USA occupation of those islands both before and after the communist stole power in China.  The USA Air Force used some of the Senkaku Islands as a bombing range and the communist in China never objected never said to stop bombing their islands.

The commies only claimed the Senkaku Islands AFTER oil and gas deposits were discovered.  The commies allowed the peasants in China to riot against Japanese business to redirect their hate towards the scapegoat Japan.   The recent belligerent commie behavior was one of a few reasons the conservative party recently won elections in Japan, the LDP – Liberal Democratic Party.   

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