Monday, December 28, 2009

Northwest Airline terror averted

Northwest Airlines flight 253, carrying 278 passengers from Amsterdam to Detroit. Or Airbus 330, was going to be a victim of terror. A Nigerian Abdul Mudallad (Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab), a college student in London, attempted to blow himself up on the jet while over the USA.

He was on a government list but not on the no-fly list. Plus he held a valid U.S. visa. He said was ordered by Al-Qaida, but government said the claim could not be verified. Our U.S. government must have Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups on a protected list.

He told authorities he got the explosives in Yemen and received orders from Al Qaeda operatives to detonate the device over the USA.
His last known address was a $4 million apartment in Central London. The government said he may have been acting independently inspired but not specifically trained or ordered by terror groups. Really? Then why was he on at least one government intelligence database?

If he acted independently then why the heightened security after this episode? Hmmm?
His father reported his son to U.S. authorities about his sons extreme religious views. He was shocked his son was even allowed to fly to the U.S. The government said the device was incendiary rather than explosive. So he just wanted to burn himself?

It is this type of reaction as to why Americans are armed with a multitude of weapons. The U.S. government can not be trusted or trusted to protect its citizens with actions such as this.

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