Monday, November 12, 2007

French President Sarkozy visit America

The president of France, President Sarkozy visits America and has nothing but praise for the United States, the history, the culture, and the military. This praise by a foreign leader from a nation which traditionally berated America, threw the Stalinist American news media in shock. President Sarkozy did not goose-step behind the American news media and slam America. So what did the American hating news media do in America? They lied. An editorial which appeared in The Boston Globe and dutifully reprinted by their comrades in The Dallas Morning News, about the French president's visit to America. Towards the end of the editorial the editors could not print any negative comments made by the French president in reference to America, so the media hallucinated and made up what they think President Sarkozy would have said, had he not been so polite. More likely, it was what the bums in the news media wanted him to say, so they added it to the editorial as if he would have loved to had said it. Not only is the American news media Stalinist, now they become the great American oracles able to read minds and fulfill their roles as true American commissars.

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